7 Tips for learning a new language

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Learning a new language can be daunting, especially if you are starting from scratch like I was. A lot of people haven’t done this since school and it wasn’t always enjoyable either. Rosetta Stone is different though, not only are you learning a new language because you have chosen to, but this time you get to do it in your own way and at your own pace and it’s a lot more fun that way. Here’s are my 7 tips for learning a new language and how to make the most of using Rosetta Stone.

1. Start with 10-15 minutes per day
The biggest problem I faced in the beginning was to make time to learn and to practise on a regular basis. I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to learn Swedish as fast as I could. In reality though, trying to do an hour of learning every day just wasn’t achievable. I ended up missing days, which then turned into weeks, and by then I had forgotten bits. I realised I needed a new approach and it was already staring me in the face. Rosetta Stone has already broken the course down into bite-sized lessons of around 10-15 minutes long, which I now find is the perfect amount to do every day. Obviously everyone learns differently, but I would really recommend this strategy as I find it very achievable.

Grocery List2. Integrate your new language in your daily activities
Doing a little every day isn’t really enough though if you are serious about learning a new language and my advice is to add other activities to your learning, I will give you some easy and fun ways that I do this. One of my favourites is when I write my grocery-shopping list, I write it in Swedish, so I am practising writing every day words with a real purpose.



3. Read books in your new languageChildren Book I have a little girl so I have read Swedish children’s books to her before, as the language tends to be quite simple. It is also a great way of teaching my daughter Swedish. Another way I do this is to translate her English books into Swedish, one of my favourites being The Hungry Caterpillar as most of the words relate to food and simple actions, I also get to use what I have learnt on Rosetta Stone about sentence structure, grammar and pronunciation.


Rosetta Stone Course4. Take the language with you, wherever you go
There are so many apps on offer for phones and tablets I use 8 apps on my phone and I have a children’s one for my daughter, which are great for travelling or just filling a spare 2 minutes. I also use podcasts when I can’t sleep. Did you also know you can download the Rosetta Stone apps onto your phone and tablet and take them on the go? You really have no excuses for not fitting in time now.

5. Use everything Rosetta Stone has to offer!
There’s much more than just lessons, there are games and stories to help you learn. You can chat to other members learning the same language and you can even schedule a Studio Session to chat to a language coach.

TV Show6. Watch TV shows and movies in your new language
I feel quite lucky that right now Scandinavian TV shows are having a bit of a moment and there are so many available. I have loved watching The Bridge recently, which is half Swedish and half Danish and picking out words I recognise.



Cookie Recipe7. Cook recipes that relate to your new language
I wanted to bake a cake when I was staying in Sweden, so I found a recipe book and worked out the recipe, learning new words as I went along.

I hope you found my language learning tips useful and if you have any great tips to share why not add them to the comments for others to read?

Bea is currently living in the UK with her husband and daughter, although they are planning on moving to Sweden this year. Having very little previous knowledge of Swedish, Bea is using Rosetta Stone to learn the language. When she is not learning Swedish, Bea can be found designing or customising clothes, watching Scandinavian TV shows or blogging at Wolfs Heart.

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