A road trip, location scouting and making progress

moose museumThis fall we went to Sweden to visit the filming location and do a walkthrough with the crew. A group of us drove up to the location from Skåne (in the South) and I got to experience parts of Sweden I’ve never seen before, including an actual moose museum.

Part of road tripping through a foreign country is reading and trying to properly pronounce road signs, some of which are seemingly there just to trip up foreigners. Nässjö for example (a city in Småland)… that one took more than a few tries.

After a few hours on road, we arrived at our location in a small, picturesque town in Western Sweden. As the only non-Swede of the group, I noticed that the others made a constant effort to speak English around me. While I do appreciate the effort, I know that while on set people will be stressed and will naturally fall into their own language – and I need to understand every word. I told them to go ahead and speak Swedish, so I could test myself and while I didn’t catch everything, I got the gist! And there’s no better motivator than progress…

Bryan is a film director from the US, who is working on a Swedish film project. While he has a mild grasp of Swedish, he wants to give himself the best tools available to make the best film possible. Also, his wife is from Sweden and her family have gone through great effort to make him feel comfortable in their home by speaking English. He feels that it is only fair that he returns the favor. His kids are going to be raised speaking both English and Swedish, too, so he says "II might as well kill all of these birds with one stone."

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