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Costa Kids is a website run by mum-of-two Kat, for expats and holiday makers with children on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. Originally from the UK and now a seasoned expat with stints in both France and Malta over the years and more recently Spain, Kat loves exploring new places and cultures. With a love of languages, she finds it increasingly frustrating that she hasn’t been able to pick up Spanish as quickly as she might have liked, due to childcare issues since the newest member of the family came along.

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Learning Spanish on the Costa del Sol

Learning Spanish on the Costa del Sol

Living on the Costa del Sol without speaking Spanish can be done. There is a large population of expats who speak no Spanish at all, and others willing to help those who don’t. Town halls have foreigner departments, able to assist with the official side of things, and of course the majority of locals speak some degree of English. Most of them are more fluent in it than I could ever hope to be in Spanish. But I’m not satisfied with that.

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