Back from Christmas in Sweden

I’m happy to report that my role as Santa in Swedish went off without a hitch, and our niece was very happy. I did have a cheat sheet, with the key phrases written out, but I barely needed it. And most importantly, she had no idea it was me, but kept telling me throughout the night that I’d missed Santa… Success!


Holiday food in Sweden is very fish-focused, and on Christmas Eve we tucked into a smorgasbord of pickled herring, smoked eel, salmon but of course also meatballs, as well as sausages and ham served with cabbage. It’s not quite the turkey dinner I grew up with back in the US, but it grows on you, and now that I’ve done a few Christmases in Sweden I actually look forward to the food. The classic Christmas dessert is a rice porrige with raspberry sauce and it is absolutely delicious. The most exciting part of it, though, is that there is an almond hidden in the porrige and whoever finds it gets to make a wish for the next year.

Now we’re back in London and production work is back in full swing. Over the next few months we will be hiring crew in Sweden and I will be putting my Swedish skills to the test once again.

Bryan is a film director from the US, who is working on a Swedish film project. While he has a mild grasp of Swedish, he wants to give himself the best tools available to make the best film possible. Also, his wife is from Sweden and her family have gone through great effort to make him feel comfortable in their home by speaking English. He feels that it is only fair that he returns the favor. His kids are going to be raised speaking both English and Swedish, too, so he says "II might as well kill all of these birds with one stone."

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