Off the beaten track: Jeju Island, South Korea

KoreaJeju Island in one of South Korea’s most surprising destinations – while many associate the country with the bustling metropolis of Seoul City, Jeju is more like an island paradise, leading many to refer to it as the Hawaii of South Korea. Take a look at what the island has to offer – this could be the most unique holiday you’ve ever experienced!

Jeju Island background
Jeju Island is considered one of the most romantic locations in Korea, and is the top honeymoon destination among South Koreans. As Korean entertainment reaches out beyond Asia and toward the West, more and more travellers are starting to discover the island as the ideal destination to discover Korean culture and scenery – and to see the unusual and niche museums that the island is famous for!

Best tourist attraction
There are a number of weird and wonderful attractions on Jeju, but it’s the striking nature and scenery that really makes people fall in love with the island. Mountain ranges, underground lava tubes and botanical gardens all promise a holiday both romantic and fascinating, but any seasoned Korea traveller will tell you that you simply must head to the top of Seongsan Ilchubong – Sunrise Peak – at least once during your trip to see the sun rise over the island.

KimcheeBest restaurant
As you’d expect from an island community, seafood is absolutely the order of the day on Jeju, and at GwangWon you’ll find this alongside traditional Korean barbecue and a huge variety of side dishes – as is the traditional way to eat in Korea. Look out for the kimchi (delicious, but spicy!), and make sure you try the bibimbap, a hot rice dish that’ll satisfy the hungriest customer!

Best nightspot
For nightlife, your first port of call should be Shin-Jeju in Jeju city, where you’ll find bars, pubs and clubs offering everything from Western entertainments to traditional Korean drinking. Meet the locals and get to know the customs – and remember to raise your glass and shout “Kanbai!”

Best family activity
Hiking is practically a national sport in South Korea – and with the stunning volcanic landscapes of Jeju Island it’s no surprise that many visitors from the mainland and further afield come to the island for this alone. There is of course the distinctive Mt. Halla for experienced hikers, but those with children might prefer the gentler Eorimok trail, a family favourite which promises forests, valleys and fantastic sledding opportunities in winter!

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