The Best Thing About Rosetta Stone’s Language Immersion Program

Habla EspanolDo you remember when you first started learning a language?

For me, it was exciting. I’d just started secondary school. Language classes were so different from lessons at primary school. I’d been curious about other countries and cultures since I went on my first holiday to Italy at age three.

Although we did conversation practice and learned about foreign cultures; we mostly memorised verb tables, vocabulary and complicated rules about articles.

It was hard work. Thank goodness I had the enthusiasm to persevere.

At exam time I tried to study for tests but, to be honest, I didn’t know where to begin.

The problem was it just wasn’t any fun. Worse still, if I couldn’t understand every word in a conversation, I became so anxious that I couldn’t continue speaking. I didn’t know an effective, and more importantly, enjoyable method of improving my language skills.

Fast forward a few years, or *ahem* – decades, I’ve been learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone for a few months now.

After using Rosetta Stone’s immersion method e-total method, I’ve become an active learner. So rather than spending hours memorising long vocabulary lists and verb tables, I’ve begun to learn intuitively through recognising language patterns.

I thought I would test out my new skills on a recent holiday to Spain. To my surprise, my nerves disappeared. I found that I was enjoying speaking. I could speak more fluently because I focused on the situation and the words I could understand, rather than worrying about what I couldn’t understand. I was able to move the conversation forward because I wasn’t afraid of making a mistake.

I learned words and phrases I needed before I went out. I actively sought out opportunities to speak Spanish and have conversations. And anything that I didn’t understand I wrote down and looked up in the dictionary when I got home.

I love this new way of learning. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and achievement. I certainly enjoyed myself much more.

What about you? In what way is the Rosetta Stone programme different to other language learning programmes you’ve tried?

Carol Brennan is a freelance writer and qualified TEFL tutor. She writes authority blog posts on education. Her writer website is Writer Carol. She hopes to one day live a location independent life and would love to spend time visiting the Spanish Costas.

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