Can YOU learn a language in 180 days?


Can you really learn a new language, from scratch, in 180 days using software on your computer, smartphone or tablet?

That’s the question we wanted to answer. By challenging Nuno, who had just arrived in Sweden and didn’t know any Swedish, we hoped to find out. Nuno used Rosetta Stone as his 180 day learning partner to achieve his goal: He presented his experience to Swedes in Swedish after 180 days! 

Following Nuno on his way to becoming a Swedish speaker, we thought, this was not only great fun for all, but first and foremost a great achievement for Nuno. This is why we want to share this fantastic feeling of success with bloggers and challenge YOU to take part in the 180 day challenge yourself!

Are you up for learning a language with Rosetta Stone and achieving your personal milestone at the end of 180 days? 

language learning challengeNo matter if you are planning your next big trip to South America, applying for a job in Italy or want to live in warm and welcoming Spain for a while, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get to grips with a new language. Immerse yourself, learn your new language the intuitive way, without translations or grammar memorisations, and speak your language from the start. Attend live sessions with native-speaking tutors, be part of the exclusive language-learning community Rosetta World and practice your acquired skills on-the-go using your mobile devices. It has never been easier to get started.

If you are interested in facing the 180 day challenge yourself, tweet @RosettaStoneUK #aLanguagein180days and get ready for the exciting 180 days ahead of you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Katharina is PR Manager at Rosetta Stone Europe. She is from Austria and loves languages. She lived in Italy and is now based in London. She speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish and some French and is now immersing into Greek. Do you want to learn a language, too? Try a free Rosetta Stone demo.

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