Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year HorseWith the Chinese New Year coming up, I am going to share a special Chinese tradition with you.

“Mother, did you already buy your red coloured underwear?” That’s what my wife is asking my mother these days. Just a few weeks ago my Chinese wife, our son of 10 months and I went to visit my parents in Europe. Here, in Europe, we are already living in the year of 2014, but the Chinese New Year is just about to start at January 31st. It’s going to be the year of the “wooden horse”. And guess what – this is exactly the reason for my wife asking my mother about her red underwear.

My Mom is born in the year of 1954 – her Chinese zodiac is the horse. All horse born people should be wearing some red (colour of luck) clothing throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if this is a shirt, pants or underwear (if you just wear red underwear you are safe from people asking you why you are wearing red clothing all the time).

Pulling her pants up my wife says “See mother? I am wearing red socks right now, because we still are living in the year of the snake and I am snake-born.”
My wife really followed this Chinese custom throughout the whole last year. She would wear red socks, underwear, shirt or a red jeans – and you know what? She/we didn’t have any bad luck in the last 12 months!

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