Victor Stroe learns English with Rosetta Stone at his company Vodafone in Romania. He shared with us what he likes most about our language learning solution:

‘At first , I was a little nervous taking  a tutoring session just because I didn’t know what to expect from the English coaches: how would they treat  me, how would they understand my learning needs and so on.  I realized, after a few sessions, that I was working with real professionals, coaches that understood me  very quick and they have really put on a lot of effort in helping me with my learning progress.


 VF_STK_On-WhiteAll of my tutoring sessions, so far, have been really interactive, dynamic and also very useful for my learning goals. I managed to find a few coaches that I can work very good with: I usually schedule my tutoring sessions at the same time of the day so that, most of the times, I work with the same coach. We have like a special learner-coach collaboration because the coach got to know me well enough to personalize each session a little bit.

As a conclusion, I like all the Rosetta Stone  tools for learning a foreign language(core,  grammar, writing, listening lessons) but, if I have to choose one of them I would definitely pick the tutoring sessions for so many reasons: it’s more close to a real life experience, you must combine almost all the learning parts(listening, speaking, reading), it’s an interactive experience and, most of all, during a tutoring sessions you will have fun while you’re learning/improving a foreign language, which, for me, is very important. The coaches are always supportive, giving useful advices and encouraging you every time. ‘


 Victor Stroe (English Learner) – Vodafone Romania

Sascha is Client Manager at Rosetta Stone and takes care of our clients in the EMEA region. She grew up in Brazil and is now based in London. She speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish and is now adding Italian to her language portfolio.

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