How Confidence Fuels Effective Communication

Confident employees express themselves clearly with internal and external stakeholders. Without speaking confidence, the drive to connect and innovate is stifled—to the detriment of the business. – Judy Verses, President of Global Enterprise and Education at Rosetta Stone.


70% of business learners in a recent survey said their language confidence increased after using a Rosetta Stone® program.

That confidence creates momentum that drives business success. Focusing on three key areas can set the stage for that success.

Develop deeper workforce intelligence: Employee language skills can fall into an organizational blind spot. It’s difficult to stay on top off all the skills your employees need to help drive business forward. Spotlighting the strengths and deficits of your workforce’s language skills helps align training to your business priorities.

Deliver tailored instruction: No two of your employees are exactly alike; their language-learning experiences shouldn’t be either. Personalized training puts your employees on tailored learning paths and addresses those differences.

Build global organizational success: Solving communication problems is critical in today’s multilingual business environment. These problems are rarely caused by only one party, so solving them means improving the skills of all parties. By tackling critical language barriers from all sides, business can grow everywhere opportunity resides.

For over 24 years, Rosetta Stone has developed language-training solutions trusted by businesses around the world. Look for even more innovative solutions to come from us soon!

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