Create a Smaller World: Do social work abroad

smaller worldNo matter if you go abroad for an internship, a volunteer opportunity or a social work project, you will come across many opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds, with different customs and above all, speaking a language different to yours. When you are on a social work project abroad you will deal with issues such as poverty, human rights and community development. Being able to speak the language of the people you want to help will create immediate trust; you will understand the people’s needs better and feel part of their community.

Back at home, good memories and unique experiences will stay with you forever as well as a new language which can become an asset for all your future life. Last, but not least, a social work experience will enrich not only your personal life, but also future employers will be impressed by your initiative to help people in other parts of the world who live in poverty or other difficult life situations.

Delaine has been in Maharashtra several times to help out in a local school project. Having taken up Hindi in the meantime, she says: “Coming back to India after studying Hindi for 2 months has been absolutely incredible. I feel liberated, excited. Going back to school where the children were, being able to point out everything on their papers, made me feel like I can be part of them.” Have a look at Delaine’s story here:

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