Desperate to go to Spain!

Pooja Shah

I recently went to Paris for the weekend. I have never been to Paris so was looking forward to the trip but haven’t spoken a word of French since I studied it for my GCSE’s.

As much as I enjoyed Paris, the thing I found completely bizarre was my absolute gut instinct to reply to everyone in Spanish. Even though French is the language I had three years of academic lessons in, Spanish is what seemed natural to me.

I was also surprised at how much Spanish I seemed to know and was able to communicate too. I guess a lot of my Rosetta Stone classes have taught me stuff subconsciously as I didn’t realise I’d remember as much information as I had been taught. I even found myself straining to listen to other Spanish people on holiday just to see if I could understand what they were talking about. I understood a few words but still have a long way to go..

Although everyone in France probably thought I was rude or an idiot as I had to take a few seconds before responding to anyone as my brain needed to translate from Spanish into French (note that it wasn’t English into French), it made me realise how desperate I am to go to Spain to try out my new language skills so I have promised myself that at the end of my course, as a treat I will fly to Spain with friends and family and chat away.

Another thing I only just really noticed about the course is that I am not learning Spanish from English… I am just learning Spanish. The use of pictures rather than words really does make this a universal course so anyone from any language background can learn Spanish using the exact same course as me.

It’s very clever.

I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to continue learning this beautiful language.

Thank you Rosetta Stone for making it so simple yet fun for me 🙂

Pooja Shah is a British actress of Kenyan-Asian descent, best known for her role on Eastenders where she played Kareena Ferreira for two years. She also had a lead role in the BBC drama Missing, has guest-starred in Coronation Street, and has produced her own short film alongside winning Best Actress at a British film festival. She has chosen to learn Spanish through Rosetta Stone as she tried the demo and found it very simple and engaging. Follow her on Twitter.

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