Donal Macintyre’s next adventure? He is learning Chinese

Donal Macintyre is an investigative journalist specialising in hard hitting documentaries, undercover operations and TV exposes. Read here about his latest project:

Donal Mcintyre learns Chinese“I am very excited at learning a new language and having done the accelerated learning in both Dancing on Ice and indeed, recently, Channel four’s The Jump, I suddenly became aware that each of those adventures was very much like learning a new language, albeit a physical one.
Nonetheless, I always wanted to put that to the test and having had so much success with the immersion on ice and on the snow I am hoping that my new language adventure will be equally successful.
I am so excited and Chinese is a wonderfully difficult language and although my life won’t be in peril learning it, I know it will be so much fun. I can’t wait to get started and thanks so much for the opportunity.”
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