Embracing the gift of future stories


We all know how hard it is to buy the perfect Christmas gift.  You sometimes end up buying a gift voucher, or a DVD that they already have and they’ll probably return or a last minute purchase on Christmas Eve.

Approximately 5000 unwanted gifts end up on Ebay in January, sometimes they’re still wrapped, with people taking chances with their bidding!

What about helping someone chase their dreams to work abroad or to be able to communicate better with their partner who speaks another language?  Maybe someone is fascinated with Japanese culture and wants to be able to understand Anime without the subtitles or maybe they’re just a polyglot and they collect languages like some people collect stamps!

Language is the gift that keeps on giving and definitely won’t be left to collect dust in the back of a cupboard.  Imagine being the one who helped someone gain a new skill that they can add to their CV.  Something to be proud of!

Take a look at our inspirational stories, where language helped these people follow their dreams. #GiftofLanguages

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Kim is the Social Media Specialist for Europe at Rosetta Stone. She is from the UK but spent time growing up in Burma, Morocco, Thailand and Hong Kong. She loves travel and has just started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone. If you want to learn a language too, try a free Rosetta Stone demo.

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