Endurance “en français”

First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Dymond a professional racing driver based near Silverstone the home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix.

I’ve been racing for over 20 years and been luckily enough to race all over the world calling it my job, racing some of most evocative sports cars you can think of, Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Jaguars at some of world’s greatest circuits, Monza in Italy, Spa-Francorchamps in the Arden forest of Belgium and the infamous Nürburgring Germany.


My particular focus in racing is endurance, something I’ve been fascinated with for as long as I can remember, staying up all night to watch the Le Mans 24 hours as a young boy having to constantly change channel or retune our satellite box at 4.15am to find a picture (not an easy task in the mid 1990’s) are memories that I’ll keep forever.

Endurance racing is dominated by the world’s biggest motor race the Le Mans 24 hours, and growing up I quickly realised that many of organisations that run our sport are French and that learning to speak French would be a real boost to my chances of making a lasting career. I’d always learnt French at school and we had French Au Pairs during the school holidays so I’ve always had a basic level but only really enough to scrape by or to order a drink at the end of tough weekend! It was time to change that.

I’ve been using the Rosetta stone software and TOTALe packages for the past year, making time to do a couple of hours a week and I’m just over the half-way point in the course. I’ve impressed myself just how quickly and easily I’ve “picked up” the language.

Using a mixture of the online TOTALe resources and the software installed on my PC and Laptop really opens up where and when I can continue my course. I’m not stuck to only being able to use it at home or that I must be connected to the internet some how to use it, spending a lot of time traveling as I do, I think if that was the case I’d be long, long way behind where I am now if I didn’t have that flexibility. I’ve continued my course on Ferry in the middle of the Irish Sea; at an airport where I’m pretty sure it’s staff are still fighting the cold war, such was its remoteness somewhere deep in eastern Europe, and in a make shift pit garage during a shake down at a location I’m still not really sure where I was or indeed if we were even meant to be there!

Being able to continue my course when I want and how I want is one of the great features of the Rosetta Stone packages and I’m quite looking forward to seeing where I might end up using it this year, no doubt you’ll hear about it when it happens, as this is the first of many blog posts I’ll be making throughout the year.

Chris Dymond is one of the UK's most exciting racing talents. Having successfully graduated from Karting at the end of 2005 after several years racing at the World and European championships. He is learning French to successfully talk with his colleagues and friends when competing in France and around the world. www.ChrisDymond.co.uk

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