Essential phrases you need for the World Cup

Whether you’re lucky enough to be heading to Brazil this June, or if you’re just going to be catching the games at home with some friends, knowing some of the local lingo will be both useful and impressive – though perhaps on different levels depending on your location!

Here, we’ve put together some of the most useful Portuguese phrases for the football season – it is the official language of Brazil after all!

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Conversational Phrases

Hello. Olá!

Good morning. Bom dia!

Do you speak English?  Fala inglês?

Thank you very much. Muito obrigado (if you’re male)/obrigada (if you are female).

What’s your name? Come você se chama?

How are you? Come você está?

My name is… Meu nome é…

See you later! Até logo!


Football Phrases

Where is the football pitch? Onde é o estádio de futebol?

What time is the match? A que horas é o jogo?

What’s the score? Quanto está o jogo?

Who won? Quem ganhou?

Pass the ball! Passa a bola!

Offside! Impedimento!

Penalty! Pênalti!

How much is the…? Quanto custa…?

… football kit? o uniforme?

… football scarf? o cachecol?


Emergency Phrases

Watch out! Cuidado!

I need to go to the hospital. Eu preciso ir ao  hospital.

I feel sick. Me sinto doente.

I think I’ve eaten something bad. Eu acho que comi  alguma coisa estragada.

I need help, please. Preciso de ajuda, por favor.





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