European Day of Languages is 26 September!

This 26th of September marks the 15th anniversary of the European Day of Languages, organized by the Council of Europe.

european-day-of-languages-2016-webThe purpose of the Day of Languages is to bring awareness to the overall lack of language skills across Europe, even though travelling and working across countries has never been easier. The 200 languages spoken throughout the continent are one of the area’s most important and richest resources. The Day of Languages provides the occasion for everyone to address this important topic, from policy-makers to educators to the general public.

To help celebrate this very worthwhile effort, Rosetta Stone is holding our annual European Day of Languages Contest, running from 26 September to 31 December, 2016.

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Between those two dates, all schools that have maintained an average of 2 hours of Rosetta Stone usage per student per month will be eligible to win an iPad Air tablet! It’s free to enter. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure your students are getting the most out of their Rosetta Stone products.

The European Day of Languages Contest fits right in with the movement itself. One of the primary goals of the Day of Languages is to help people develop skills in more than one language, enhancing and preserving Europe’s linguistic diversity. We would like to think that Rosetta Stone contributes to those ideals.

In addition to our contest, groups and organizations across Europe will be holding European Day of Languages events. Currently, there are 167 available events and anyone can register their occasion. The list of available events can be found here.

We applaud the efforts of the Council and everyone who is participating in this important initiative. The growth of language skills throughout Europe has never been more critical. Hopefully this year’s efforts will start new conversations on how to address this important topic.

Once again, our Day of Languages contest is open to all schools and runs from 26 September to 31 December.

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