Food, Flags and Stereotypes

Innate like a belly button on your belly, stereotypes between countries and their typical food have been stuck in the minds of foreigners, pigeon-holing people for centuries. No wonder that everybody believes we Italians eat pasta every day as much as Japanese people eat sushi. Sorry to disappoint people…but it doesn’t work like that…at least not anymore, not for everybody! Italians often swap pasta with rice or a simple sandwich at lunch and sushi in Japan is usually prepared at home for special occasions like birthday parties or New Year’s Day when all the family has it upon return from the temple.  Convinced that food stereotypes are still alive worldwide, Paris-based photographer Icher Jonathan took inspiration from it for his new series Fat Flag, picturing people painted with their country flag eating the representative food of their country. Those with a creative angle seem to be the most popular ones…let’s hope there will be a second series with more countries and food to explore!

…oh by the way, Italians are also very good at making sushi…look at me 😉

Me making sushi


Veronica Grimaldi Hinojosa - Traveller. Italian. Ceviche addict. She understood at a very young age she would catch the travel bug so she started to learn English, French and Latin aged 11 and later studied German and Spanish. She has been living in London for the last 11 years. Not even her unforgettable sabbatical gap in French Polynesia could stop her from falling in love with Peru and Peruvian food, even though Neapolitan pizza remains always part of her DNA. Among her other passions there is also advertising, branding, fine dining and luxury and she blogs about these at the Circle of Luxury. She is currently learning Portuguese.

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