Food for thought in Thailand

This morning I was looking at some pictures I took while I was travelling in Thailand.

One of the pictures which always bring back fond memories for me is one of a married couple who were working as minders in a temple in Bangkok. I have always been fascinated by the way people prepare their food and the care they put into it. It is a cultural aspect that says a lot not only about eating moments but also about the way people socialize and interact with each other. The time they dedicate to preparing food would usually tell a lot about what function it plays.

After 11 years living in London, where the majority grab sandwiches and munch in front of a computer screen, I really find it charming to see people taking the time to put on a banquet and dedicate the right time to something so great like food.

Food Market BangkokAnd it seemed that the rest of the morning had to remain along the same lines as I stumbled upon this interesting article about Peter Menzel and Faith D’alusio’s latest work What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets, a compelling photo report documenting the relation between culture, people and food from 30 corners of the world, through 80 people colourful portraits.

For those interested in culture, travel and food, the photos are definitely worth a look for some inspiration for your next travels… or your next lunch break!


Veronica Grimaldi Hinojosa - Traveller. Italian. Ceviche addict. She understood at a very young age she would catch the travel bug so she started to learn English, French and Latin aged 11 and later studied German and Spanish. She has been living in London for the last 11 years. Not even her unforgettable sabbatical gap in French Polynesia could stop her from falling in love with Peru and Peruvian food, even though Neapolitan pizza remains always part of her DNA. Among her other passions there is also advertising, branding, fine dining and luxury and she blogs about these at the Circle of Luxury. She is currently learning Portuguese.

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