From the top of Italy to the bottom

bicycle ItalyThey say the journey is more important than the end—and I am a firm believer in this philosophy! I am about to embark on a completely immersive twelve-week journey from the top of Italy to the bottom. Always one to make the journey as challenging and interesting as possible, I have decided to do the journey on a pushbike. I am sure that this’ll make the voyage that much more ‘real’, and that I’ll get a really authentic Italian experience as a result.

How, though, to find a nice big bowl of pasta and a bed to sleep in at the end of the day, if you can’t communicate with the locals in rural parts of the country you’re cycling through? I have chosen Rosetta Stone’s online course, so that I can establish a level of spoken Italian. I’ll be busy in my London office and then backpacking through Greece before getting on my bike, so the convenience of Rosetta Stone’s Web interface and mobile apps should mean I never have to miss a class.

At the moment, I speak only English—with a bit of broken Gujarati. I’m hoping that the two years I spent learning Latin at high school in New Zealand will be a big help when learning Italian with Rosetta Stone, and I am hugely looking forward to be able to interact with the people of Italy in their mother tongue.

Before setting off on his cycling journey through Italia, Nick will be living in London and trying to fit in 2–4 hours per week on his Rosetta Stone lessons. Auckland, New Zealand, is his home town, and recently he lived and worked as a lawyer in Edinburgh. When he's not working hard or experiencing different culture, he enjoys spending time with family and friends (preferably cycling) and dreaming of future journeys to expand his horizons.

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