Happy European Day of Languages to our #languages4schools winners!

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Together with our language learners we contributed tokens over the last months to fund our #languages4schools initiative. Right in time for today – European Day of Languages- together we were able to achieve our goal! With 26,000 tokens collected we can give 300 language learning course licenses to 10 schools in the UK. This will give young people the opportunity to learn new languages and explore new cultures in their classroom, and beyond.

Celebrate with Gary Lineker

Yesterday we started our celebration together with Gary Lineker, English former footballer, sports broadcaster and ambassador of the #languages4schools project  at Haverstockschool, one of the winning schools! Gary Lineker, says: “During my football career I realised quickly what a difference language skills can make. Speaking Spanish and Japanese has opened doors in my career and helped me bridge cultural differences, both in my personal and business life.”

The winning schools

See below how the winning schools of our #languages4schools initiative responded to their prize!

Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School, London

“We are very happy to have won this fantastic prize from Rosetta Stone. We will be able to use the licenses to encourage and support language learning among our early career linguists, and encourage a generation of learners to have fun with languages and to become true citizens of the world without cultural or linguistic barriers.”

Brampton Manor Academy, London

“We look forward to exploring the listening and improving our pupils’ pronunciation with its fantastic voice recognition software. We believe that our KS3 and KS4 will benefit from Rossetta as it will allow them to challenge themselves with the range of activities the programme offers and will provide them with the vocabulary they need to succeed at GCSE level but most important, to be able to start the A level course with confidence and an excellent level of German, French or Spanish.”

Haverstock School, London

“Haverstock is a vibrant, multicultural and multilingual community, with pupils that really, really love to talk! I am often heartened by the positive attitude of the pupils towards language learning. We have many pupils who are really keen to learn a language, or to hone their skills in their own time. They also understand the opportunities this opens up. They deserve access to the best resources, and I know that many pupils will enjoy this opportunity immensely.”

City of Leeds School, Leeds

“We are thrilled to have won! This will raise the profile of MFL in our school! And it will be a great privilege to offer our pupils access to such a wide variety of other languages. We really look forward to working with #languages4schools in the year ahead! Thank you for this opportunity!”

Temple Moor High School Science College, Leeds

Arden School, Birmingham

“Arden School offers an excellent breadth of languages to students; we offer French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. We have a very committed and dedicated Languages Department who offer a wide range of teaching and learning opportunities, from regular contact with language assistants, study visits abroad to using the latest technology such as Ipads to inspire and motivate our learners.”

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy, Birmingham

“The Rosetta Stone software will be valuable in our drive to develop successful and independent language users. We look forward to implementing the software as an immersion tool that consistently uses target language, enabling our students to develop language learning strategies and monitor their own progress in acquiring new language skills, taking them to the next level and beyond.”

Manchester Academy, Manchester

“Manchester Academy is delighted to be one of the winning schools and to receive this amazing opportunity. We are a central Manchester School that celebrates diversity and currently have 64% students with EAL and 58 first languages spoken. We are always looking for opportunities to celebrate language skills and development and are currently organising a whole school theme day to celebrate European Day of Languages.”

Manchester Enterprise Academy, Manchester

“We are delighted to have been selected for the 1 year licenses for Rosetta Stone. Winning a year-long course of Rosetta Stone is a fantastic opportunity for the students to enhance their language learning, giving them new and diverse ways to acquire language both in and beyond the classroom. It will really help to raise the profile and importance of language learning in our own school and extend into the wider community.”

Smithycroft School, Glasgow

“Smithycroft Secondary in Riddrie is delighted to be named a #languages4schools winner! Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland has placed languages at the heart of the curriculum. Rosetta Stone’s innovative software will greatly assist our students to engage with the principles of personalisation and choice and breadth and depth of learning. We are looking forward to seeing our students make great progress in their language of choice!”

Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow

“The Modern Languages department in Bellahouston Academy are thrilled about winning this prize and cannot wait to inform all the pupils, staff and parents. The pupils in Bellahouston Academy are very much encouraged to continue with languages so that they can embrace global citizenship, become more confident individuals and be more tolerant of other cultures while developing their skills for learning, for life and for work purposes. Our pupils will find the Rosetta Stone language course not only rewarding but also very beneficial. Furthermore it will hopefully encourage them to continue with French and/ or take up another modern language in the future.”

Congratulations and Happy Language-learning to everyone!

Gary Lineker



Katharina is PR Manager at Rosetta Stone Europe. She is from Austria and loves languages. She lived in Italy and is now based in London. She speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish and some French and is now immersing into Greek. Do you want to learn a language, too? Try a free Rosetta Stone demo.

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