Happy Waffle Day!

Swedish waffle dayThis week was a great Swedish holiday, Waffle Day! Apparently the day is really called Vårfrudagen, which loosely translated means “Our Lady of Spring”. However, in vernacular Swedish, that sounds almost like Våffeldagen and thus we have Waffle Day!

Originally a Christian holiday celebrating the conception of Jesus, for most Swedes the main importance of the day is now eating waffles. Which we did and they were delicious! Nothing like the thick, Nutella-slathered beasts of Oxford Street (not that there’s anything wrong with those!), Swedish waffles are thin and crispy and served with whipped cream and jam. And they are utterly delicious.

With that in mind, my new favourite Swedish words are: Våfflor (waffles), grädde (cream) and sylt (jam) 😉

Bryan is a film director from the US, who is working on a Swedish film project. While he has a mild grasp of Swedish, he wants to give himself the best tools available to make the best film possible. Also, his wife is from Sweden and her family have gone through great effort to make him feel comfortable in their home by speaking English. He feels that it is only fair that he returns the favor. His kids are going to be raised speaking both English and Swedish, too, so he says "II might as well kill all of these birds with one stone."

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