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Learn Dutch and get ready to explore cultures around the globe.

Dutch, is a West Germanic language spoken by an estimate of 23-28 million people. Most of the native speakers live in the Netherlands, but Dutch is also spoken in parts of Belgium, Suriname, Germany, France, Indonesia and even in the Caribbean. Afrikaans, spoken by 6 million people in South Africa, is closely related to the Dutch language. Out of 6,000 native languages around the world, Dutch has been ranked the 37th most widely spoken language.

Your Dutch journey can start in the Netherlands, today renowned for its diverse and liberal society. 2001 it became the first nation in the world to recognise same-sex marriage. The European country has a long history as a major seafaring power and is the birthplace of famous painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Vincent van Gogh. Water has been a defining geographical feature of the Netherlands, because more than a quarter of the land lies below sea level. Dutch engineers are world famous for their skill at controlling water and the process for pickling herring is said to have been invented by the Dutch fisherman Willem Beukelszoon in 1380. Although the tulip is often viewed as a symbol of the Netherlands, the flower is actually Asian in origin—first brought to the Netherlands during the sixteenth century.

Improve your “School Dutch”, polish those “Basic Dutch skills” and get ready for the trip. You might be able to see the Elfstedentocht, the longest ice-skating competition in the world or catch a glimpse of Sinterklaas on his white steed, who brings presents on the 5th of December.

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How to learn Dutch?

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