How to Learn French

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Learn French and open up a huge world for discovery: With an estimate of 115 million speakers it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today found on various continents including Africa.

French, like Italian and Spanish, is a romance language – its legacy includes iconic concepts like Haute Couture, and French Cuisine. Given the cultural impact on luxury fashion and exquisite food, French is above all a world language, spoken in 29 countries from Europe to Oceania.

Ever dreamed of really discovering the secret of good food? Try to learn French and get hooked on 400 different types of cheese that are produced in France alone. You’ll be happy to discover the regional specialties in Paris, Quebec, Geneva or Mauritius and parts of Madagascar – all vibrant with diverse cultural live and tasty food.

Polish your “School French” for work or travel. And see for yourself how many kisses on the cheek constitute a family greeting in France. Discover the French way of life for good and apply for a job: By law, the standard workweek in France is 35 hours. In addition, most French workers receive close to 40 paid vacation days per year—more than almost every other country in the world. Rosetta Stone French gets you to speak confidently, wherever you plan to go.

How to learn French?

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