How to Learn Portuguese


Portuguese was my language choice for a variety of reasons. For one, the past couple of overseas holidays I’ve had have been in Portugal, and I hate the feeling of being the foreigner who can’t communicate in anything but English—even though the Portuguese are generally fluent and refuse to make you feel self-conscious. Coupled with that, I’ve spent the past few years in the oil business, and Brazil is becoming an increasingly important market, with investors and customers across the globe. A knowledge of Portuguese could be helpful to my career. And, finally, I’m a rugby fanatic who would absolutely love to watch rugby rejoin the Olympics in Rio. Chances are slim, but a guy can dream, right?

I went with Rosetta Stone Portuguese because I’ve heard great things—the variety of resources, the ease and flexibility of the course and a couple of success stories that caught my eye. I decided that something genuinely interactive would make learning easier than using some of the audio books and other courses available.

Having done Lesson 1, I’m already impressed. The Rosetta Stone course uses a variety of images, reinforcing them throughout the module—making me do the cognitive leap to associate new words and images, whilst constantly testing me on my pronunciation and understanding of new words and phrases. So far, I appear to know some animal names, a few verbs and—hopefully—a few basic foodstuffs!

Matt Wallace is the future husband of Louise who hosts the blog Get Lippie . Matt writes for Louise’s blog, among others, and is a big Rugby fan.

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