How to Learn Spanish

Barcelona, Spain

Spanish is a romance language, just like Italian or French. All in all, nearly 500 million people across the globe speak it – making it the second most commonly spoken language after Mandarin Chinese. So really, it’s a numbers game—speak Spanish, and you open up numerous chances for connection.

Learn Spanish and the only obstacle on your world trip will be the question: were to start? Apart from being the major language in Spain, it is spoken in South America, Latin America but also in the United States, parts of Africa and in the Philippines.

There is no single culture surrounding the language, but rather an extensive historical integration of many cultures. Yet most Spanish-speaking cultures share a passion for fútbol: Uruguay won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930 and Spain is one of the major football powers in the world. Another shared passion seems to be dancing: Many famous dance styles have their roots in Spanish speaking cultures including the Flamenco of Andalusia or the Tango of Argentina.

The Spanish and Latin American cuisines vary greatly from region to region. They often reflect local ingredients, like the paella in Spain, the ceviche of Peru, and mole, a sauce from Mexico that’s made with different chilli peppers and sometimes includes plantains, cinnamon, and even chocolate!

Beyond travel, maybe you’re looking for work, or simply want to upgrade your “School Spanish” on your resume. After all, when people ask you “Do you Speak Spanish?” you’re probably sick of answering “Well, sort of.”

Ever wonder how to learn Spanish? Well, Rosetta Stone Spanish has your back. With our multiple levels of learning, you can start simple, and ultimately work your way toward conversational Spanish. Being able to speak Spanish will open up your world: from Madrid to Patagonia, and from Cuba to Costa Rica.

How to learn Spanish?

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