International Women’s Day: Italians celebrate it with mimosas

MimosaIn case you’re still looking for a way to commemorate the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, try the Italian way, where women get and give each other mimosas.

It has been so since 1946 when the U.D.I (Unione Donne Italiane – Italian Women Union) elected the mimosa to symbolise the day. It was chosen by three influential women from Italian post-war politics: Rita Montagnana, Teresa Mattei and Teresa Noce, all three of them active members of the Italian Communist Party. They chose this flower for a simple reason: it blossoms at the end of February and beginning of March when the weather starts to get slightly warmer, and is widely available, allowing all women to have a little branch with which to celebrate.

Inspired by the International Women’s Day and by its mimosa symbol, the mimosa cake has been created to celebrate the day.Mimosa cake

How do you celebrate International Women’s Day in your country? Share your traditions and your knowledge about other cultures with us!

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