Language learning now has a new reward

Mill HillMill Hill County High School was the winner of our European Day of Languages competition in September, managing to complete over 400 hours of Rosetta Stone in just one week! As a result Year 8 student Ben won a brand new Samsung Tablet for his outstanding dedication to the course.

The Rosetta Stone program is used to support the MFL program at Mill Hill, as part of a blended learning model used by students both at school and at home. Both students and staff have seen great results from the program. Here’s what they said:

“Rosetta Stone is a one of a kind program, and it is superb! I couldn’t find a fault with it – it incorporates everything which you might want to do or learn into one accessible package. A huge step has been made in language learning, nothing comes close to Rosetta Stone because of the way it interacts with you. Rosetta Stone has taken a new step in communicating throughout the world, incredible!”
Ben, Year 8

“Rosetta Stone is a way of encouraging pupils to work on their languages at home, independent learning is important in KS3, 4 and KS5 and we can also monitor their use. We have particularly enjoyed the amount of speaking practice Rosetta Stone offers and of course the healthy competition!”
Catherine Thomson, Head of MFL

Keep an eye out for updates on the new competition we are hosting with our schools launching this International Mother Language Day, 21st February!

Miriam Melchers

Miriam is Social Media Manager EMEA at Rosetta Stone. She said ‘Dag Amsterdam. Hello London!’ and moved to the most multicultural city in the world. She speaks Dutch, English, un petit peu Français and thinks German is ‘ganz toll’! That’s why she’s improving her German with Rosetta Stone. She loves languages, but she loves engaging with our learners and fans even more. Follow her on Twitter.

TIP: if you want to learn a language too, try a free Rosetta Stone demo.

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