Learning German: ‘Der Junge fährt nicht’

When I embarked on this course, I was concerned that by learning German, a truly foreign language to me, all the wonderful words I encountered, would cease being so incredible. I love that when devoid of original meaning, German words (gloriously onomatopoeic) have truly delightful connotations in my own language.

Learn GermanI can honestly say though that short of moving to Deutschland, this has so far been the most fun way of learning a language I have ever encountered. I often learn and cook at the same time and shouting words back at my computer in a German accent whilst ‘kochen’ is beyond satisfying.

So, even though we are all ‘Erwachsene’ here ‘Ausfahrt’ will always be funny to me, but at least now, in Germany, I’ll know how to make a dignified one.

Shazzy is a born and raised Londoner currently working for BBC News in London. She is half Persian half Portuguese, and speaks Spanish and of course Portuguese. Shazzy loves graphic novels and travelling, and spends as much time as possible in her current favourite two places, Oslo and Berlin.

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