Learning German on the move


Back at the beginning of 2012 I headed to South America to work as a surf coach for a Spanish school in Ecuador. The job also came with the perk of private Spanish lessons, which I was stoked to get to grips with.

= I failed epically, however.

Basically, I learnt what I’ve termed “surf-instructor Spanish”—to put it bluntly, I can order drinks, talk about waves and flirt!

And that pretty much sums up my language skills!

Take 2

Along my travels I also gained a Swiss girlfriend, and luckily her English skills are epic so it’s been easy to communicate. Although this is awesome, I feel a bit bad not being able to speak her language.

I feel that way even more with her family. They get along just fine with English but I would be stoked to get involved in some German convos with them rather than sitting in my bubble most of the time!

Plus, I need to prove to my mother that I’m not a complete bum and I’m actually still capable of learning and seeing a task through!

Fingers Crossed

So I’ve decided to start learning German with Rosetta Stone TOTALe, which allows me to learn on the move using my iPhone and iPad, as well as including skype session with native speakers to help me practice.

I’ve also set myself a few goals:

–  My girlfriend is visiting me in Morocco for a few weeks, so I’d love to be able to have a basic convo with her by then.
I’m hoping to head back to Switzerland and work next season, so I need to be able to at least get through a basic interview!
– By the end of the six months I’d love to be confident in speaking, and able to Skype chat and text without much issue.
–  Oh, and I also want to do an entire blog post in German for the my site

That’s my long-term challenge for the moment—fingers crossed it goes heaps better than last time!

Here goes nothing . . .


Do you want to learn German, too? Try a free demo here.


Chris is a surfer, photographer, traveller and writer from Devon in the UK. He ditched 9-5 life and headed off to backpack the world. When he’s not in the water catching some waves he’s busy exploring with his camera or blogging on BackpackerBanter.com and RTWBackpackers.com He’s also an massive fan of mobile photography and is busy documenting his travel over at iTraveliShootiPhone.com

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