Learning Greek with Rosetta Stone

Pic_AimeeGrowing up as a Greek-American, I was always surrounded by family members speaking Greek around the house. Unfortunately though, I never really learned the language, apart from a few phrases, especially the ones that indicated that I was in trouble with my father. I identify as a Greek because I grew up with the traditions typically found in a Greek household and have a sense of pride in having family from Greece. However, I lack a major facet of being from Greece—the Greek language.

In order to remedy this, I have now embarked on a journey to go back to my roots to learn Greek with Rosetta Stone. I have only gone through my first few lessons, but I am pleased to say that I am progressing and truly enjoying the experience. The vocabulary lessons are really helpful as they taught me words that I was always hearing around the house, such as ψάρι and κορίτσι, whose meanings I was unclear on.

greek catIt was great to put what I have learned into practice when my father, whose first language is Greek, came to visit me in London last month. When he arrived, I surprised him by speaking to him briefly in Greek and showing off what I had learned from Rosetta Stone. He had never heard me speak that much in Greek—usually it was the odd casual phrase, such as how are you and thank you—so I was really happy to have made him proud of me. We are continuing to practise more and more each time we talk, and I hope that in the next few months my Greek will continue to improve.

Speaking with my father has brought out my confidence with Greek. Having learned other languages in the past, including French, Spanish and Italian, I am all too familiar with the importance of having a certain level of confidence when speaking another language. Learning Greek with Rosetta Stone has also reignited my passion for learning languages. It has been almost two years since I have taken a language course, and Rosetta Stone has truly reminded me of how much I love learning languages.

I am excited to continue on this journey and can’t wait to update you on my progress in the coming weeks and months!

Aimee Bateas is a PR consultant working in London for a wide range of clients. Originally from the United States, Aimee received master’s in European Union Policy Studies from James Madison University's campus in Florence, Italy in 2011. Currently residing in London, Aimee is a lover of languages and speaks Italian, Spanish and French, but is eager to learn the language that much of her family speaks – Greek.

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