Learning Portuguese this Christmas

Christmas BubbleIt’s sometimes hard to find the time to juggle everything in life.

Family, work, keeping fit and healthy, learning a language… and then Christmas comes along.

I have to admit I struggle to regularly log onto Rosetta Stone for my Portuguese-Brazilian lessons.

After a strong start I began to hit a bit of a brick wall with longer hours at work and a busy time with my family.

However, I now feel reinvigorated. And why is that?

Well, a timely email from Rosetta Stone put me in touch with a Brazilian journalist who wanted to write an article about a language learner.

We spoke on the telephone, or telefone celular if I’m being correct!, while I was actually out at a Christmas party.

Talking to Gabriel Toueg reaffirmed why I was learning a language. It is to broaden my horizons and provide a challenge to my life.

It is easy just to do the same thing every day as if on auto-pilot. However, when I’m engaged and regularly learning it opens my mind to other parts of my life.

I have emailed Gabriel a couple of times since we talked with very basic messages in Portuguese.

As we get nearer to Christmas I’m determined to spend more time on my learning.

This time of year is about reflection and being around family.

By reflecting on why I want to learn a language – to become a better person and to improve my skills for work – I have new energy.

The lesson I have learned here is that learning a language isn’t easier, you sometimes do need a helping hand and if you talk to people you never know where you may find it.


Richard Fidler is a sports writer for The Star newspaper in Sheffield. After covering the Olympic Games in London, Richard has been inspired to learn the language of the next Olympiad and World Cup - Portuguese (Brazil)!

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