A lifetime of learning: The many rewards of a technology culture

WorldEducation should be a lifelong journey. As Albert Einstein so poignantly noted, ‘learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it’.

Education has the power to change the lives of individuals and to fuel the success of economies and societies alike. Yet, why is it that with all the great technology tools available we are currently seeing technology innovation and adoption far greater in shopping than we are in education? This may be great for our wardrobes, but will only go so far for preparing our generation of digital natives to perform in the global community. After all, 65% of today’s schoolchildren will eventually be employed in jobs that don’t exist today.

What is clear is that the majority of formal education is still very much tethered to the teacher and physical classroom. The challenge we are facing is not of innovation but how we can effectively embrace the use of great technology currently available.

Rosetta Stone has worked with a range of organisations and educational institutions to demonstrate the power of the successful adoption of technology and how technology can be weaved together in different ways to change the lives of individuals and institutions.

At the recent ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN our own Judy Verses explored a number of thought provoking examples offering valuable insight into the potential for success when technology is adopted effectively. These stories show just how expansive the results can be whether supporting the learning of special needs students, increasing employee job security, improving workforce development or preparing the younger generation to perform within today’s global economy.

We are delighted to kick off the New Year in a mini-series of posts we will expand on some of the key topics and stories Judy shared:

• Expand horizons – how technology can support the different needs of learners

• Results that matter – changing the lives of individuals through the quick deployment of technology

• Rising competition – the benefits of technology for enhancing workforce development

• Preparing tomorrow’s communicators – leveraging technology to prepare tomorrow’s communicators

You can watch Judy Verses’ full presentation at Online Educa 2013 by clicking here.


Miriam Melchers

Miriam is Social Media Manager EMEA at Rosetta Stone. She said 'Dag Amsterdam. Hello London!' and moved to the most multicultural city in the world. She speaks Dutch, English, un petit peu Français and thinks German is 'ganz toll'! That's why she's improving her German with Rosetta Stone. She loves languages, but she loves engaging with our learners and fans even more. Follow her on Twitter. TIP: if you want to learn a language too, try a free Rosetta Stone demo.

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