In January 2015, the LLAS Centre is celebrating its 10th e-learning symposium with an exciting programme of activities including workshops, showcase and presentations from speakers from all over the UK!
5th section, left hand sideLLAS is a research and enterprise group based at the University of Southampton and specialising in educational projects and professional development in the area of languages and related studies. It has been providing high quality professional development, resources and information to the higher education sector since 2000. It also engages in research and projects at the level of government policy and activities which promote greater public engagement with languages and related studies. The Centre’s activities extend to working across sectors (primary, secondary  and tertiary education) and internationally. It is led by Professor Mike Kelly and a team of experienced education developers with academic and pedagogic expertise.

Its legacy includes collections of Open Educational Resources such as the Humbox (a humanities teaching resource repository) and the LanguageBox (an online repository for language teaching resources); national programmes such as Routes into Languages (DfE and HEFCE funded programme which aims to increase and widen participation in language study in higher education); international projects such as LANQUA (Language Network for Quality Assurance which involved 60 partners across Europe); and the e-learning symposium, which started in 2004 and went from strength to strength over the years.


The aim of the symposium is to bridge the gap between the ‘techie’ and the teacher, giving educators ideas to help them integrate e-learning into their practice but also to inspire them to see  where the online future could lead. The symposium is always well-attended by practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and institutions, and keynote speakers are live-streamed. The two-day symposium comprises a practical mix of workshops on authoring tools and e-learning techniques and presentations to inspire delegates with exciting ideas about the possibilities that online learning offers. Its offers a range of content from areas of more specific interest to the language community, to topics of wider interest to educators involved in e-learning.

This year’s keynote speakers include:

    • Sara Pierson, Head of English for Education Systems and Chris Cavey, Learning Designer, The British Council
    • Marion Sadoux, Director of the Language Centre, University of Nottingham Ningbo
    • Benoit Guilbaud, University of Manchester, Senior Language Tutor (French)

There will also be papers presented by colleagues from all over the world on topics including:

    • Mobile language learning using WhatsApp
    • Digital tools for cultural engagement during the Year Abroad
    • Motivation in MOOCs
    • Using wikis for real-life translation projects and for language learning
    • Screencasting for pronunciation and assessment
    • Twitter for Italian

And workshops on:

    • Digital video-making
    • Telecollaboration techniques
    • Tips for effective online discussions
    • SpeakApps tools for online speaking practice

You can find out more and register at You can also find out more about last year’s e-symposium at

After finishing her MA in English language at the University of Nancy, France in 2002, Laurence has worked in a variety of environments including customer relations, project management and Higher Education management. She joined LLAS as Assistant Programme Manager of the Links into Languages programme in July 2009 and has managed a variety of projects since including SPEAQ and the Southampton Feedback Champions. She is also involved in Modern Languages’ enterprise activities, which offer bespoke professional development for higher education professionals using English as a medium of instruction and research across the world. You can find out more at

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