“I love the size of the system”- Rosetta Stone Advanced Review

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Kerstin Hammes on learning French with Rosetta Stone Advanced

1. Which languages are you speaking?

German, English and French, little bit of Spanish and Russian

2. Which language are you learning with Rosetta Stone Advanced?


3. Why do you want to deepen your skills in this language?

I have a strong background in French, having graduated in a French Advanced +2 course at university in 2007. Having studied French since I was 13, this is my second foreign language and I don’t want to lose it. I rarely get the opportunity to speak it these days, so my spoken French is rusty. The grammar, reading and listening levels are very solid.

4. What is special or different with Rosetta Stone Advanced?

The sheer volume and size of the programme really stands out, there is so much to be studied and Rosetta Stone Advanced doesn’t look like it will get boring any time soon. It would be good to have a bit more guidance, telling me what to expect next for example. I am also someone who cannot commit too much time to studying with the system, so I’d like to see a daily checklist or daily timed activities.

The thing that really is great about Rosetta Stone Advanced is just how much it can teach me. There are grammar explanations and backgrounds where needed, lots of immersive practical exercises, a dictionary and interesting culture topics to keep entertained. Any word can be clicked and looked up. The activity range goes from translation to recording your own voice in a spoken conversation. And in all that, Rosetta Stone Advanced still sticks with the classic Rosetta Stone approach of avoiding the use of your native language. I can imagine that the volume might feel overwhelming to a brand new language learner, but for me as an advanced learner it felt like a confirmation that I can really get some good value out of the system.

5. How fast could you see progress in your language-learning?

I felt confident very quickly and enjoyed playing around with the system. While I have not been using it on a daily basis, I can imagine that it will be a great refresher.

6. Why did you decide to work with Rosetta Stone Advanced?

I was curious about the system and had not seen it before.

7. Is language learning with Rosetta Stone Advanced difficult or easy?

Language learning with Rosetta Stone Advanced is not too difficult for me, because I appreciate the reminders in grammar explanations and I am mostly using it for reviewing a language that I have already learnt. As a brand new learner, I would particularly enjoy how much the system lets me try, play with and achieve. I believe it is definitely possible to advance a level with this software.

8. What is the best feature of Rosetta Stone Advanced?

Very detailed explanations of what is expected of me, a thorough test to assess my level and a lot of natural language content to work with. I love the size of the system.

9. Would you recommend Rosetta Stone Advanced?

I would recommend it as a very thorough computer-based language learning system for self-guided study, though I’d recommend regular contact with a real tutor too.

10. Which features or functionality did you expect from this product?

Focus on all four core skills, speaking exercises and a thorough supply of grammar and dictionary lists.

11. Which features/functionality would you like to see added?

1)    Calendar integration for me to schedule training sessions

2)    More reference to mobile apps so I can learn from anywhere


Kerstin Hammes is a native German speaker and has lived in the UK since 2003. She’s passionate about languages and has studied English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Russian. Kerstin is the lady behind the Fluent blog and offers online courses and books for self-directed language learners.  You can say hello to her on Twitter and Facebook.

Anissa is Content Editor at Rosetta Stone Europe. She is from Germany and has lived in Portugal, Mexico and is now based in London. She speaks German, English, Spanish and Portuguese and is currently learning Persian. Do you want to learn a language, too? Try a free Rosetta Stone demo.

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