Make sure to speak some Brazilian Portuguese for the World Cup

Karthi Gnanasegaram is a BBC Sport presenter who works at sports events like the World Cup, Olympics, Champions League final, Wimbledon as well as presenting sports bulletins from the BBC Sport Centre studio.

We asked Karthi which role languages play for her in her job as BBC Sports presenter: 


“I find language skills useful to get by on a day to day basis when I’m working at sports events. It’s a mixture of wanting to be polite in someone’s country and making an attempt to speak their language but also trying to make my life easier by being able to communicate as easily as possible so that I can get my job done.”

Why did you choose to learn Portuguese?

“I was spurred in to action after working in Colombia last summer and finding that my basic Spanish didn’t get me very far and things got a little tricky with very few people speaking English. So I decided to make sure I could speak some Brazilian Portuguese ahead of the World Cup.”

Why an online language-learning solution corresponds best to your learning needs?

“The online language learning course seemed the easiest solution for my lifestyle as I travel a lot and with very irregular working hours I would not have been able to enroll in evening classes or something similar.”

What do you like most about learning and speaking Portuguese?

“Brazilian Portuguese is a lovely sounding language and doesn’t seem to have too many exceptions to the rule so hasn’t been too difficult to learn…so far! I read Latin and Greek at university so am fascinated by how other languages work and their derivations.”

Why Portuguese skills will be useful during the World Cup season in Brazil? Will you travel there?

“I’m not sure how much I’ll get to use my language skills during the World Cup but I definitely want to give it a go while I’m there. After my experience in Colombia last year I will feel a lot better knowing I can at least speak some of the language while there.”


We wish Karthi a great World Cup and can’t wait to hear her welcoming her guests in Portuguese😉

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