Manifesto For Languages Is Positive News To Boost UK Skills

Policies to encourage continuous language learning in education  and employment can deliver economic benefit.

The cross-party group of MPs and Peers is calling on all parties to commit to improve foreign language skills in the UK through the setting of goals in education and an incentive to businesses to invest in language training for employees. Citing an estimated loss to the UK economy of £48 billion a year from poor language skills, the APPG refers to the need for a ‘national recovery programme.’

shutterstock_126827531Donavan Whyte, Rosetta Stone’s VP EMEA Enterprise & Education said: “I’m encouraged that this manifesto calls for policies that aim to ramp up foreign language skills in this country. Not investing in language learning has economic implications – this isn’t just about shedding the reputation of Brits abroad only speaking English.  A recent survey we commissioned found that over a fifth of Brits who speak a second language say it has allowed them to further their career.

“And in other research nearly 90 per cent of employees told us they felt more positive to their employer as a result of being given a language learning opportunity. These sorts of findings make a compelling business case for investing in language capabilities.”

Over eight thousand businesses have used Rosetta Stone solutions to help them step up to the language challenge and meet the communication needs of their workforce.

Meanwhile in education, 22,000 institutions worldwide use Rosetta Stone including schools and higher education establishments in the UK. Through having a culture of language learning and integrating technology apps into the classroom, Harrogate Grammar School has seen some impressive results – 90 per cent of 235 language entries awarded an A* to C grade last year.

This year the Rosetta Stone #languages4schools competition[1] will see schoolchildren at five UK primary schools be given the chance to learn a new language for a year with free learning licenses for schools.

Neda is Marketing Coordinator at Rosetta Stone and takes care of Marketing activities within the EMEA region. She grew up in Germany and is now based in London. She speaks German, English, Persian and Spanish and is now adding Portuguese to her language portfolio.

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