Maybe Germany will be the place for us!

learn germanLearning a new language is not something that comes naturally to me. Having spent six months in Mallorca in 2003, I picked up only a few basic Spanish words and sentences—very few of which I can recall. Obviously I mastered the essentials, such as hola, por favor, and ¡un San Miguel!, as well as terms of politeness and other priorities….

Much of this was due to a lack of confidence, and because I worked in an English-speaking restaurant. I had little time to practise, but those are just excuses. I should have embraced the challenge.

Prior to our stint in Spain, my last language experience would have been in school, learning French. I didn’t fare well in that either, but that was in no small part due to a clash of personalities with the teacher.

I have spent the last few years as a full-time housewife and full-time stepparent to my now teenage stepson, which keeps me busy. On top of this, I am studying part-time toward an Open University degree, so my life can be pretty full and hectic at times. However, I love to expand my knowledge, so learning a language and travelling to new and exciting places are on top of my list of future adventures.

Germany has been on my travel-destination list for a long time: my parents met there. I have been told it is a beautiful and interesting place to visit, and we have the chance to travel there next year. I want the experience to be amazing, and knowing the language will make it easier to travel and get to know the real Germany, not just the tourist traps.

Living in another country is something I would love to do—maybe Germany will be the place for us!

Discover Germany

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So who am I...? Well, my name is Mhairi, and I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I am a wife, step-parent and student with a passion for fashion and technology. I am hoping to travel in the future and to live in another country again—just need to figure out where. Learning a new language is an exciting challenge as I was terrible at school. I will keep you updated about my progress.

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