Multilingualism, I’m on my way

photo(6)Late February this year, I took the plunge and decided I wanted to give Rosetta Stone TOTALe German a go.

Only a few years earlier, I had taken German as one of my A-Level choices, but without regularly using the language, I fast forgot all but some basic vocab and grammar. After devoting a few years of my life to it (and causing myself so much stress before exams!), I was bitterly annoyed that I wasn’t anywhere near to being fluent and decided that I wanted to start learning the language again.

After just a few months, I have recently completed Level 2 and am thoroughly enjoying my new hobby. Being able to chat with a native speaker really is invaluable and is such a brilliant opportunity to challenge my skills.

Now I’m trying to immerse myself in German as much as I can and have found myself reading Die Welt and other local newspapers with my breakfast and, most importantly, a dictionary in hand.

photo(7)Being the encouraging husband he is, Chris has decided that next month, he’s taking me to Düsseldorf for my birthday so I can chat away with the locals (no pressure!) and properly experience Germany.

And if all that wasn’t enough, a few weeks ago I bought the Spanish course too. Now most days I find myself doing a lesson in one language, a chat in the other, as well as sneaking to the export department at work to practise with the native speakers there.

It’s definitely not the easiest hobby to have, but whoever thought that learning other languages would be a walk in the park?

For me, there are few things as enjoyable or rewarding.

Sam works in Marketing Communications in the automotive industry. She has a passion for language and is currently learning German, Spanish and French. When she’s not working or language learning, Sam enjoys skiing lessons, baking (and eating!), traveling the world with her husband and tweeting. Once she’s got to grips with a few European languages, Sam hopes to try her hand at Mandarin.

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