My Spanish mission


Back in 2002, I was fortunate to get offered a lead role in a sky one series about holiday reps in Ibiza. I was so excited about the job but more so because it meant I would get to live in Southern Spain for 6 months for filming.

At school we were never offered Spanish as a language option so I chose to learn French and German. Although I enjoyed the languages I never quite got the idea of speaking Spanish out of my mind.

So off I went to Spain, aeroplane touching down and realised that I genuinely had no idea what anyone was saying to me at the airport. I then spent the next 6 months doing my best to try and understand the language and speak it as much as possible. Lo and behold, by the time the 6 months were up, I was pretty much fluent.

I was probably getting the grammar wrong and muddling a few words here and there but I was able to understand Spanish and speak Spanish and I was so incredibly proud of myself!

Sadly, that was over 10 years ago and my visits to Spain have been pretty infrequent since then. I am ashamed to admit that as I never got a chance to practice very often, I ended up forgetting most of the language.

I was adamant to become fluent in it once again so I turned to Rosetta Stone. I tried the demo and loved how there were pictures and sounds and it wasn’t just a textbook I had to read from. I am now starting at the very beginning of level 1 trying to see how well I do. However this tie, I plan to learn the correct grammar and the exact word too.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted of how its all going and if I succeed in my mission!

Til then…. Hasta Luego…..

Pooja Shah


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Pooja Shah is a British actress of Kenyan-Asian descent, best known for her role on Eastenders where she played Kareena Ferreira for two years. She also had a lead role in the BBC drama Missing, has guest-starred in Coronation Street, and has produced her own short film alongside winning Best Actress at a British film festival. She has chosen to learn Spanish through Rosetta Stone as she tried the demo and found it very simple and engaging. Follow her on Twitter.

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