Christmas is Christmas no matter where you are in the world. Or is it? For language-learning students Christmas is a great opportunity to learn new words and find out how people their age spend Christmas in different countries around the world.  Explore the wonderful similarities and differences of language this festive season.

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Get primary school students thinking with questions such as:  

  • When do you decorate the Christmas tree?
  • What do you want for Christmas this year?
  • What is your favourite Christmas food?

Secondary school students could answer:

  • What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
  • What do you do on Christmas Day?
  • What do you like about winter?

Plan activities based on holidays or calendar events. For example, look ahead to the US’ Carolling Day on 20 December by singing carols in another language – “O Tannenbaum!”

Incorporating different languages into everyday lessons develops students as citizens of a global community and equips them for the multi-lingual, multi-cultural world we live in. Have other lesson ideas to share? Leave us a reply.

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Terri Bloore works with Rosetta Stone on media, communication and events in the EMEA region. Her background is in technology and education. She has a love of foreign films.

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