Spring is here! All around we begin to detect the scent of fresh flowers and – perhaps – the scent of chocolate! With spring, comes Easter and with that comes an abundance of traditions and festivities. For language-learning students it’s an opportunity to explore similarities and differences in the words and expressions used to communicate the season, and to learn how other cultures celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring.

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Primary school students can practice the vocabulary of food and colours, answering questions such as:  

  • What meal do you usually eat on Easter Sunday?
  • What colour do you like to decorate your Easter eggs?
  • What is your favourite Easter treat?

Secondary school students can practice conversational skills on the topics of holidays and activities, stimulated by questions like:

  • What are you doing for your Easter break this year?
  • What do you like about spring?
  • What is your favourite part of Easter?

Each season brings its own occasions and the chance to make language lessons fun and relevant to what people around the world are experiencing. Through the lesson plan find out when bells in France are silenced in remembrance of Jesus and what many German families traditionally eat on Good Friday.

Do you have other lesson ideas around Easter and spring? Leave us a reply to share your good ideas.

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Terri Bloore works with Rosetta Stone on media, communication and events in the EMEA region. Her background is in technology and education. She has a love of foreign films.

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