Nick Howard Wins The Voice of Germany

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Nick HowardSinger and songwriter Nick Howard is the first non-native German speaking winner of the famous TV talent show ‘Voice of Germany’. Nick used our language learning solution Rosetta Stone TOTALe to immerse himself in the language in only a few months. Knowledge of German was the condition for him to take part in this well known TV event.

The talented Nick Howard grew up in Brighton and moved to New York in 2005, where a friend suggested applying for the music talent show ‘Voice of Germany’. Nick, who has performed with world stars like Jack Johnson, saw the huge opportunity of taking part in the biggest German talent show. He says: “Rosetta Stone helped me to quickly build my confidence and ability to speak German. I had only one or two months to learn the basics before starting the ‘Voice of Germany’ and thanks to the unique learning method, I was able to dive into German and I started speaking from the very first lesson.  It’s totally addictive, once you start you cannot stop and I still have one more level to go.”

Nick Howard might now be the most famous Brit on German TV these days. He is guest on several talk shows and is invited to interviews – all in German, of course. Local TV presenters are amazed by his language learning success. Stefan Raab, well-known presenter of the famous TV talk show TV total says: “I am impressed that you managed to speak German so quickly. I know people who have lived here for 30 years and they do not speak German at the same level.”

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Miriam Melchers

Miriam is Social Media Manager EMEA at Rosetta Stone. She said 'Dag Amsterdam. Hello London!' and moved to the most multicultural city in the world. She speaks Dutch, English, un petit peu Français and thinks German is 'ganz toll'! That's why she's improving her German with Rosetta Stone. She loves languages, but she loves engaging with our learners and fans even more. Follow her on Twitter. TIP: if you want to learn a language too, try a free Rosetta Stone demo.


  1. Albert Gross - October 18, 2013

    I love languages and would like to improve my english

  2. James McCarthy - October 21, 2013

    A Wonderful story, I bet he has also improved his English a lot by doing this!

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