No place like home

Christmas in DeryniaRecently I was asked the question ‘Are you home for Christmas?’ I replied that yes I was although for the first time we were going out for Christmas dinner. The reply threw me,

‘When do you leave?’

Um, well I think they are serving dinner at 2pm?
Ah…. they were asking me if I was going to England for Christmas, I’d completely missed the point of the question!

I don’t have anything against going back to England for a visit, in fact I’d love to be able to go (not now, far too cold!) to meet up with friends and replenish our wardrobes but I wouldn’t fancy going back for Christmas.

I know that having my parents here means that I don’t have the pull and the same reason for wanting to be there over the festive season which is the obvious reason for many to return. I’ve heard many people here say that Christmas in Cyprus just isn’t the same and it doesn’t feel ‘Christmassy’ but I disagree.

Maybe it’s the fact I have children which gives me the reason / excuse to attend all the Christmas events but I’m guessing the same would apply in England too.

Maybe it’s the lack of ‘Christmas food’ in the shops and the endless boxes of pre-packed party food and ‘Christmas treats’ – but it’s easier not to blow half your years shopping budget on one month here when you have to make most of it yourself.

Maybe it’s the temperature but after being here for 5 years it feels more than chilly enough for me now.

Maybe it’s the sunshine but trees and tinsel look prettier in the sunlight than through rain (and we’ve had several grey rainy days lately – it’s novelty but I don’t get the excitement they create here).

Maybe it’s the lack of festive programs on the TV but I don’t know many people without internet streaming, web TV or an equivalent now.

Maybe it’s the calmer approach to Christmas and the lack of aggressive advertising from October onward, but surely that’s only a good thing!

Maybe its the lack of things they need to be doing and people they need to visit, but many people hate the chaotic business of all of that.

Maybe it’s just that they miss their friends and family and their own traditions – that one does make sense to me, but for me, we have new traditions and they are all based here.

Emma is an expat wife and mother who moved from England to Cyprus when her eldest son was just six months old. She started writing a blog A matter of choice to document her life in a new country.

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