Rover and out! Learn to speak dog with new canine language course!

Rosetta Stone Dog will change the way humans interact with dogs forever.

Rosetta Stone today announces the launch of a revolutionary new product that will finally allow dog owners to do away with ruff translations and let them communicate fully with their pets.

Rosetta Stone Dog utilises the core methodology of Rosetta Stone’s renowned language learning courses to create the world’s first tool to teach humans how to speak dog.

Walky talkies
After a short, easy-to-follow course in canine conversation, pet owners will finally get the chance to chat to their pooch as they stroll through the countryside, and put an end to dinner dilemmas by finding out exactly what Fido wants in his food bowl.

A talented team of audiologists, linguists and veterinarians spent four years solidly decoding the secrets lurking in the 2-3 kHz bark frequency, allowing them to pinpoint what those woofs, barks, yaps and yelps were really trying to say.

dog bark

Woofs around the world
This new addition to the course catalogue is currently available to a select group of beta testers, and will receive a full release in the coming weeks. Although initially only available in English, the course will soon be launched in a host of other languages including French and German to give dog lovers across the globe the opportunity to really connect with man’s best friend.

Gustaf Nordback, MD & GM Brazil at Rosetta Stone, said of the launch:

“Today is a groundbreaking day, and the famous relationship between man and dog will never be the same.

Many pet owners will admit in private to talking to their pets, but now you can actually hold a conversation with your dog, and understand what it wants.

With Rosetta Stone Dog, we can now connect with our pooches in a deep and meaningful way, whilst catering to their many needs like never before.”

With the release of Rosetta Stone Dog, the team will now turn its attention to creating similar products for cats, fish and a whole host of other animals.

Learn more about this revolutionary new product launch here.

Rosetta Stone Dog


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