See the world in Flowers

Have you ever wondered what national flower-gifting and buying habits say about the state of European relations? Recent research reveals the surprisingly interesting dynamics of our flower friendships, along with the crazy prices commanded by a few top-tier blooms!

The most popular gift in the world, flowers, mean different things in different regions to people of different cultures. The peony is the most popular flower in China, but bouquets are more commonly given to teachers, rather than lovers. And while 8 flowers mean double the luck in Beijing, odd numbers are considered the most joyous in Russia.

One fact is universal: whether lent to signify love, sympathy, joy or friendship, the gift of flowers is the most popular in the world. And with the advent of the internet, international flower delivery companies like FloraQueen are being kept busy shipping the beautiful buds across national borders.

But a quick look into UK trends shows that the quantity and quality of flower gifts destined for foreign lands don’t always match. Spain receives the highest number of bouquets each year, but Britons spend far more money on the Australians, Swiss, Americans… and nearly everyone else!

Read on for some more telling flower trivia!


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