Short Break in Italy

Just recently I have returned home from a short break to Italy, apart form it being incredibly hot I really noticed just how similar languages are. I don’t know why on this trip it really stood out, I do a lot of travelling and whilst I’ve always been aware of similarities and the odd shared word/meaning somehow it seemed more obvious this time. Maybe its because through my Rosetta Stone French course I have a deeper understanding now, it was certainly interesting to discover.

ItalyOn occasion, though, this cross over really threw up the odd awkward/embarrassing moment, at times such was the similarity between the languages, particularly when talking numbers my response would be French, it was totally automatic, and as soon as I’d said it I’d realise and correct myself. Thankfully the locals were very good about it when it happened (as it did happen more than once) and they’d very helpfully correct me in the right language, but I did feel embarrassed.

I guess my mind doesn’t quite yet have the switch between multiple tongues as sharp as I’d like it to be, so best keep plugging away at my course and see if I can get that sorted.

Chris Dymond is one of the UK's most exciting racing talents. Having successfully graduated from Karting at the end of 2005 after several years racing at the World and European championships. He is learning French to successfully talk with his colleagues and friends when competing in France and around the world.

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