Special moments in our life

Olympics Rio We all have special moments in our life. Whether it’s the birth of a baby, a marriage, brilliant exam results or just a message from a friend for being there for them.

It’s rare to have one of your best, most memorable experiences while working though. Fortunately, for this blog at least, I had one last summer and it has led me to try and learn a new language in the hope of many more great times! I’m a sports reporter and was lucky enough to be sent to London to cover the Olympic Games for the newspaper I write for. Sport has been my life so to able to be so close to the world’s best sporting event was a true honour. For nearly three weeks I lived the Olympic dream, totally immersing myself in the sport on offer. Work wasn’t a problem, I’d just file my words about what I’d been doing. It was fun. And so it got me thinking. How could I improve my chances of being at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro?
One way would be to have something extra to other British sports writers. How many can speak Portuguese-Brazilian? I’d gamble not too many. So, after a very timely email from Rosetta Stone, I’ve decided to give it a go. It’s over 20 years since I last tried to learn a language. My GCSE French isn’t up to much these days but this time it is something I want to do rather than ‘have’ to do. I’m sure it will be challenging. But already I’m picking it up. A word here and there that sticks in the memory. I’ll need to work hard, but with such a brilliant goal to aim for why wouldn’t I?


Richard Fidler is a sports writer for The Star newspaper in Sheffield. After covering the Olympic Games in London, Richard has been inspired to learn the language of the next Olympiad and World Cup - Portuguese (Brazil)!

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