Top European Films to Watch this Halloween


Why not celebrate Halloween by watching a foreign film. Here’s a list we have compiled of some of the most well-known European horror, scary and thrilling films in the last 50 years.

Listening to a foreign language helps individuals accustom themselves to new sounds, pronunciation and familiarise themselves with colloquial terms. Combining foreign languages and films is just one of the ways in which you have fun while learning something new.

This Halloween, to get into the spirit of the holiday, why not watch “Suspiria” by Dario Argento to brush up on your Italian or the “Let the Right One In” to start learning Swedish? Check out Alejandro Amenábar’s “Open Your Eyes” on Halloween and improve your rusty Spanish. What better way to spend Halloween than watching scary films?

European Films to Watch This Halloween
1.       Psycho (UK)
2.       Let The Right One In (Sweden)
3.       Open Your Eyes (Spain)
4.       Nosferatu The Vampyre (Germany)
5.       The Nameless (Spain)
6.       Brotherhood of the Wolf (France)
7.       Tattoo (Germany)
8.       Them (France)
9.       Suspiria (Italy)
10.     Les Diaboliques (France)

And for more family-friendly Halloween films, we have also created a list of the top five children’s Halloween-themed films, to get a jump start your child’s love of languages.

Family-friendly Films to Watch This Halloween
1.       Eleanor’s Secret (France/Italy) – Rating U
2.       A Monster in Paris (France) – Rating U
3.       Das kleine Gespenst (The Little Ghost) (Germany/Switzerland) – Rating N/A
4.       Corpse Bride (UK/US) – Rating PG
5.       The Witches (UK/US) – Rating PG

If you have your own suggestions for the best foreign films to watch this Halloween, share them with us on Twitter using #HalloweenFlicks.

This is probably the only occasion where language learning can be scary but not for too long.

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