TV and language

Jaime_Pic2Unless Thierry Henry drops me a text for a candlelit dinner, all non-essential social engagements on Monday evenings for the next month have been cancelled. There are some commitments that are etched in stone. As the theme music of each episode of Game of Thrones begins, even Thierry would be hard-pressed to drag me away.

Surprisingly the series has brought two worlds together: the dedicated fan, and the world of “conlangers”—groups of individuals who aren’t satisfied to embrace the existing languages of the world, but invent their own. A global contest for the language-obsessive created what is now the “Dothraki” spoken by one of the tribes battling it out for supremacy on the show. Not since Klingon got its own dictionary and was exchanged excitedly in the coffee queues of sci-fi conventions has a new language created such a buzz. While we would all probably like a chance to chat with some of the actors in the show to demonstrate our level of fan commitment, sticking with some French or Spanish might be easier. After all, however much you like it, you’re unlikely to take a holiday to an unreal TV show soon.

Jaime Burnell has lived in Italy, Kenya and Singapore and loves to listen to the languages spoken whenever overseas. Currently based in London but frequently travelling to the middle east and Europe for work Jaime can usually be found ordering a coffee in another language and hoping she doesn't end up with a piece of cheese. Jaime loves language and believes it is the gateway to other worlds and cultures which the world provides.

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